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How to Use Print Marketing with Social Media

In today’s world, now that most things can be done online, marketing efforts should focus on social media and digital marketing to reach current and potential customers. However, businesses need to remember that using printing services to create print marketing materials is just as important for several reasons:

  1. Not everyone has gone 100% digital. There are plenty of people who still rely on paper and printed marketing materials to decide where they will shop.
  2. Some people don’t use social media. Not everyone has a social media presence. Some people prefer to limit what information they share online. Other people simply may not know how to use social media. You don’t want to miss out on these people when developing marketing campaigns.
  3. Print marketing can help grow your social media presence. How do you let customers know you are on social media and increase your number of followers? You advertise through print marketing, of course.
  4. You can’t reach your target audience by focusing on a single method. A well-planned marketing campaign needs to take into consideration both print marketing and social media marketing to be successful.

Great Ideas for Combining Print Marketing with Social Media

There are several effective ways you can use printing marketing with social media for effective marketing campaigns. Some of the top methods to do this include:

  • Direct Mailers – You can send postcards to put your marketing message in the hands of customers. You can tie in a message to direct people to your social media site by offering a special coupon, discount, or promotion when they follow you. You could even have them take a picture with your postcard and share it on their social media page with a hashtag to receive a reward.
  • Promotional Products – When you hand out USB drives, coffee mugs, hats, pens, and other such promotional products, make sure to include a QR code or your social media icons to let people know what social media sites you are on.
  • Catalogs – Printed catalogs are very popular right now because they allow people to browse products offline. You can tie in social media by having people request one through your social media site. In the catalog, include QR codes that take customers to specific products they can order, demonstration videos, and other online content.
  • Contests – You can incorporate print and social media aspects when designing contests. For instance, you could put codes in printed materials and online as part of a scavenger hunt to earn entries into the contest.
  • Loyalty Programs – You can market both print and social media aspects to a loyalty program. For instance, customers could take a selfie with your loyalty card in hand, add a hashtag to it, and post it on your social media site to earn bonus points.
  • Tradeshows and Events – It is easy to tie social media marketing into your print marketing by adding social media symbols, hashtags, QR codes, and other such things to get people online. For example, a QR code could be a video teaser trailer for a new product reveal that will be introduced during the tradeshow or event.

We hope these ideas help get you thinking about the different ways you can use printing services to develop your print marketing materials and tie in social media to your marketing campaigns.

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Businesses need to remember to not focus on just one type of marketing when they want to reach current and potential customers. Businesses should know how to use print marketing with social media for maximum exposure.

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