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Print Marketing Services to Get Your Business Ready for Summer

While digital marketing has grown in popularity, print marketing services are just as important to the success of a business. Print marketing is starting to see a resurgence in use, in part due to changes in doing business because of the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses are discovering that to set themselves apart from competitors that primarily rely on digital marketing, they need to tap into print marketing.

What Print Marketing Materials Should You Use?

There are several different types of print marketing materials you can use to reach your customers and generate new leads and conversions. Some of the more popular options include:

  1. Brochures: Brochures are used to provide an overview of your business and the goods you sell and the services you offer. They can be tri-fold designs or small booklets a few pages long. Make sure to include your contact details and website information.
  2. Product Catalogs: Another print marketing material you could use is product catalogs. Catalogs should feature pictures of the items you sell, the product number, and a brief description of the product. Prices could be included. However, keep in mind, anytime there is a price change, you must update and print new catalogs.
  3. Business Cards: Business cards can help you make an impact too. You could design business card magnets and include these in your brochures. Another option is to print some sort of incentive on the back of the business card like 10% off your first order or free delivery.
  4. Product Data Sheets: Think of product data sheets as your opportunity to tell people about the product, what it does, how it benefits them, and why they need to buy it. Product data sheets should be full color and include several different pictures of the product. Remember to showcase specific features and available options.
  5. Postcards: Postcards are a great print marketing material to use for direct mail and “every-door direct mail” (EDDM) marketing campaigns. Direct mail is where you send postcards to people who have signed up to receive marketing materials from your business. EDDM is where you mass mail postcards to every residential and/or commercial address on a given mail delivery route.

    One benefit of EDDM campaigns is they allow you to try out new areas to see if you can attract new customers. With people ordering more products online, you could easily tap into a new area that you previously might have overlooked.
  6. Thank You Cards: Sending a thank you card to a customer after a purchase or completion of a service helps increase the likelihood of repeat business in the future. This little gesture goes a long way to show your customers you care about them.
  7. Newsletters: Even though you may already send newsletters via email, don’t overlook the power of printing newsletters and mailing them to your customers. Newsletters are a great tool to let everyone know about new product releases, new services, or other information that is worth sharing like how your business supports a local charity or how you are becoming more eco-friendly.

In addition to these, you could also use pamphlets, fliers, presentation folders, and other such print marketing materials. If you are not sure which ones to start with, try postcards and brochures with business cards inside.

Next, you can mix it up a little and try others. Don’t be afraid to stop using one print material if it is not generating leads and sales, and try out a different one.


Help grow your business this summer by remembering to utilize various print marketing services and print marketing materials to generate new sales and leads.

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Founded in 1981, Biltmore Pro Print has been offering a wide range of print marketing materials and printing services in the greater Phoenix area. As this family-owned and operated business grew, they expanded their Phoenix printing services online so businesses and individuals from all over could take advantage of their exceptional customer service and high-quality products.

Additionally, the printing service offers mail services where they will print your marketing materials and mail them as a direct mailer or EDDM for you.

For further information about their printing services or to get started creating various print marketing materials for your business, please feel free to visit their official website at or call (602) 954-6517 to speak to a representative today.

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