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Using Custom Postcards to Connect with Loved Ones

With the holiday season here, now is a great time to connect with loved ones, family, and friends that you might not be able to see in-person this year. One popular holiday tradition that is making a resurgence is sending custom postcards with various holiday themes through the mail.

You could send postcards that have a picture of your Christmas tree with your family gathered around it. Some people like dressing up their pets in holiday attire and using that as the picture on their postcards. Other people like using a picture of their children gathered around the fireplace, with a fire going and the stockings hung up.

With custom postcard printing from a professional printing service, you could even have them take care of printing your holiday message on the back of the postcards and sending them off to your friends and family. Best of all, you don’t have to leave home!

Reasons to Send Postcards to Family and Friends During the Holidays

Most people look forward to receiving holiday cards and greetings from friends and family in the mail. There is something more personal about getting something in the mail, compared to an electronic greeting on social media. Other great reasons to send postcards this holiday season include:

  1. Postcards cost less than holiday cards. Custom postcards offer high-quality results for a fraction of the cost of custom holiday cards. Plus, postage costs less to send them to your family and friends.
  2. Postcards are an affordable gift of love. Postcards can convey warm wishes, hope, and the gift of love to your friends and family. If your holiday budget is tight this year, postcards are the perfect solution.
  3. Holiday postcards brighten up the home. A colorful holiday postcard can help brighten up your loved ones’ homes.
  4. You can personalize postcards to suit your needs. You can choose different customizations for your postcards or even have more than one custom postcard printed, depending on the recipient.
  5. Allows you to upgrade friends and family. You can share tidbits of what has been going on with you and your family the past year on the back of the postcard or put a link to your social media page that has your annual holiday family letter.
  6. You can use postcards you receive to decorate your home. Many people hang up the postcards they receive as decorations. You could string them together and use them as garland, or just hang them individually around a doorway. Some people also place them on individual branches on their Christmas trees.
  7. Postcards make people feel loved and appreciated. Receiving a holiday postcard in the mail lets others know you are thinking of them. Your postcard could be the thing that puts a smile on their face and brightens up their day.
  8. Designing custom postcards is a great family project. You can get your entire family involved in designing your personalized holiday postcard.
  9. For business owners, holiday postcards show your customers how much you appreciate them. Your customers will appreciate you took the time to think of them and send them a holiday postcard thanking them for supporting your business. You could even include a special offer or coupon code for them to use on a future purchase.
  10. You can create a new holiday tradition. If you have never sent holiday postcards before, this year can be the start of a new holiday tradition.

These are all great reasons to send personalized holiday cards to your friends and family this holiday season. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanza, or Christmas, you can design and create custom postcards to share your holiday wishes.


This holiday season, sending custom postcards you created with help from a professional printing service will put a smile on your loved ones’ faces as you convey your holiday wishes from your family to theirs.  

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